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Oral Base


Oral Base is a flavoured sweetened suspensions vehicle. Ideally formulated to administer extemporaneous preparations of oral non- soluble aqueous dosages.

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Oral Base contains unique suspending agents to provide a smooth pharmaceutically elegant suspension. It is balanced an buffered to provide maximum flexibility for liquid compounding needs. 

Oral Base 500ml is available in sugar free in both Grape and Strawberry and Non Flavoured flavours. 

60 Day Stability Test Results Oral Sugar Free 

Transderma Oral Base Sugar Free (Strawberry)

Transderma Oral Base Sugar Free (Strawberry) Metronidazole 250MG/500ML

Transderma Oral Base Sugar Free (Strawberry) Ketoconazole 200MG/500ML

Transderma Oral Base Sugar Free (Strawberry) Linsinopril 200MG/500ML

Transderma Oral Base Sugar Free(Strawberry) Amiodarone 200MG/500ML


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