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TD Cannabase


Cannabase™ is a liposomal cream base formulated for the transdermal delivery of Cannabinoids. Cannabase transdermal cream offers cosmetically appealing texture while enabling deep penetration of Cannabinoids such as CBD, THC and CBN.

Available Sizes:

100G, 500G, 18KG

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This liposomal delivery system is designed to improve transdermal penetration of Cannabinoids.

Cannabase Cream Highlighted Benefits

  • Cosmetically appealing
  • Non-greasy cream base
  • Enhanced dermal penetration of Cannabinoids
  • Easy to incorporate Cannabinoids
  • Can incorporate Cannabis oil, Cannabinoid isolates and/or extract
  • The non-tacky feature differentiates the cream from other products available in the market
  • Heat is not required to dissolve the active ingredient


  • Transdermal delivery of Cannabinoids


Essential Oil Compatibility Chart

Essential Oil

Common Concentration (s)

Essential Oil

Common Concentration (s)

Argan Oil

1 to 8%

Myrrh Essential Oil

1 to 3%

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

1 to 3%

Peppermint  Essential Oil

1 to 3%

Grapefruit Essential Oil

1 to 3%

Rose Hip  Essential Oil

0.5 to 3%

Hemp Oil

1 to 10%

Tea Tree  Essential Oil

1 to 5%

Jojoba Oil

1 to 10%



Thyme Essential Oil

0.5 to 2%

Lavender  Essential  Oil

1- 2.5%



Spearmint  Essential Oil

1 to 3%

Moringa Oil

1 to 2%

Winter Green Essential Oil

1 to 3%


Compounding Tips:

Ethoxy Diglycol and the terpene of choice are recommended to be used as wetting agent to incorporate Cannabinoid isolate and distillate into Cannabase cream.






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