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Transderma PLO (Premium Lecithin Organogel) represents the next generation of PLO gels. Transderma PLO Premixed Gels are ready-to- use intradermal bases. Intradermal bases are the mainstay of Local Enhanced Transdermal Delivery.

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100G, 500G

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Transderma PLO (Premium Lecithin Organogel) represents the next generation of PLO gels. Transderma PLO Premixed Gels are ready-to- use transdermal bases. This base is designed for transdermal delivery of lipophilic APIs such as NSAIDs and hormones. PLO gels have already gained acceptance as the transdermal vehicle of choice for a variety of drugs including diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, and progesterone. The benefits of Transderma PLO Gels include: 

  • Enhance penetration of APIs to dermis layer of skin- Improved efficacy
  • Ready-to-Use – Reduce compounding time
  • Improved Stability – Remain uniform and appealing for longer periods of time and under different storage conditions
  • Does not contain skin irritant surfactants- Avoid local skin- irritation

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Xenex has been supplying the highest quality products, delivered by qualified professionals to the Canadian compounding profession for over 30 years. Xenex focuses on the compounding pharmacist and has built a valuable set of support services to provide the pharmacist with education, formulation support and competitively priced product, delivered by a knowledgeable sales and customer services team.

Conventional wisdom states that oil and water do not mix – which pharmacists know not to be true. Formulated correctly, creams, ointments and gels can be prepared to bring these two phases together resulting in some of the most useful topical pharmaceutical preparations. 

PLO Gel represents a 2nd generation PLO gel which has an improved emulsification system resulting in a smoother, less viscous and tacky feel than traditional PLO gels. Importantly, the improvement in cosmetic feel is contained within this high quality GMP manufactured product, which has known penetration enhancing performance and good stability. Transderma Pharmaceuticals Inc. is committed to high quality products based on science with the patient in mind.

PLO Ultramax Gel is a ready to use intradermal base.
Its unique penetrating power makes an ideal vehicle to deliver therapeutic agents to sites within the skin.
Transderma facilitates the transport of therapeutic agents through the skin to reach other body tissues and fluids.
PLO gels have already gained acceptance as the vehicle of choice for the anti-inflammatory drug, diclofenac.
Drugs that may be frequently used by Transderma are:

The compounding can be done on an ointment slab or with the use of a mechanical or electronic mortar and pestle (EMP).

  1. Levigate the API with appropriate levigating agent such as Ethoxy Diglycol, Propylene Glycol, Mineral oil.
  2. Incorporate the PLO gel by geometrical method and mix until a homogeneous silky mix achieved.