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TransPen Cream


The ultimate penetrating & vanishing compounding cream

Available Sizes:

100g and 500g

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Want to combine effective dermal delivery of actives while ensuring high patient-acceptance and compliance? Are your patients complaining of unappealing and sticky topically compounded therapies?

TransPen Cream is an ideal choice in a penetrating and vanishing compounding cream. TransPen is the newest non-medicated compounding base from the Transderma line of elegant bases. TransPen is a moisturizing oil-in-water emulsion that is specially formulated for its vanishing and penetrating properties. Transpen is used to produce a clean, non-tacky and silky finish to the skin including penetrating enhancing ingredients that add extra hydration and emulsifying lubricating properties. 

Pharmacists will find many applications for this penetrating and vanishing cream for HRT compounds such as Progesterone, Tri-est and Bi-est, Dermatological compounds such as Tretinoin and Hydroquinone and Pain Compounds such as Clonidine, Gabapentin, Piroxicam and many other actives that can be safely and effectively incorporated into TransPen.


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