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Transderma PLO Gel

Transderma PLO (Premium Lecithin Organogel) represents the next generation of PLO gels. Transderma PLO Premixed Gels are ready-to- use intradermal bases. Intradermal bases are the mainstay of Local Enhanced Transdermal Delivery. LETD, for example, is an effective, safe alternative to oral NSAID use for local tissue inflammation. Transderma PLO Gels are specially made to target local tissues and achieve local therapeutic drug-levels while minimizing blood-level related toxicities.

PLO gels have already gained acceptance as the intradermal vehicle of choice for a variety of drugs including diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, and progesterone. The benefits of Transderma PLO Gels include:

  1. High Penetrating-Power - Achieve high, therapeutic tissue-levels while reducing blood-level related side effects
  2. Ready-to-Use - Reduce compounding time
  3. Improved Stability - Remain uniform and appealing for longer periods of time and under different storage conditions
  4. No skin-irritating pluronic surfactant ? Avoid local skin- intolerance reactions
  5. Cosmetically-Pleasing - a non-greasy, non-tacky, soothing skin moisturizer
Available Sizes:
100g, 500g and 2Kg
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